Smell bombs are kind of like stink bombs but the opposite. They make everything smell good. You can use them in trash cans in cars. Our main idea is to get stuff to smell good in cars but keep the cars looking clean. Smell bombs can make the odors in your car go away. Smell bombs do exist but ours are going to be different because they are not manufactured and:

  • Fresh smelling
  • Environment friendly
  • Keep your car looking and smelling clean

We want your car smellin' good and lookin' good


  • Team Name + first name of each team member
  • Insert team photo
  • Product Name:
  • Insert final product picture
  • Product Description: (What problem is being solved or need is being met?)

3 Original Ideas & Research

For each idea do the following:
  • Describe the idea
  • Include at least 3 links to sites you looked at to determine the originality of your idea
  • For each site, explain what you discovered
Ex. Our first idea is to develop a bowl that young kids cannot spill easily.
The first site I went to and found a flat, plate-like mat that sticks to the table and does not move. My idea is three-dimensional and includes a bowl. However, I like the thought of adding a mat to my bowl to make it steadier.
The second site …..
The third site …….


  • Use your research to choose the invention you like best. How did the research help your team decide which invention you wanted to bring to life?
  • Who can you talk to if you need help to solve problems & build your final product?
  • What materials do you need to build your invention or prototype?
  • Where do you plan to get those materials?
  • How are you keeping the cost of your device low?
  • What are the steps needed to build your invention?
  • How will you test your invention?
  • How can you be sure your invention is safe?


  • Week of 5th - Work Day (Wed. 7th & Thurs. 8th)
  • Week of 12th- Work Day (Fri. 16th)

  • Week of 26th - Work Day (Fri. 2nd)

  • Week of 5th - Work Day (Fri. 9th)
  • Week of 12th - Work Day (Thurs. 15th & Fri. 16th) Final Invention due Wednesday 14th
  • Week of 19th - Final Presentations start Tuesday 19th

  • Shark Tank Presentations of top winners from each class on Thursday, April 13th

Developing & Testing:

  • List each step you take to build your invention & the date you worked on each task.
  • Include pictures as you work.

Materials & Expenses:

  • Keep a detailed list of all materials used & how much each item cost or where you got it from.

Thinking it Over Questions:

  • What new skills did you learn while creating your invention?
  • What changes did you make in your original plan?
  • Who helped you and what did they do?
  • What sources of information helped you with your invention?
  • How did you test your invention?
  • If you could start over, what would you do differently? Would you change your design/materials/size/etc.?

Shark Tank Preparation

Presentation (Maximum time 5 min)

  • How do you plan to catch the judges’ attention?
  • Do you have a catchy product name?
  • Do you have a product logo? Slogan? Jingle/Song? Moto?
  • How are you packaging your product? Is it attractive?
  • What type of display do you plan to for your presentation?
  • Can you demonstrate your product or give our samples?
  • What do you plan to say? Remember to discuss:
    • Cost of making the product.
    • Time needed to produce the product.
    • How much you plan to sell your product for?
    • What is your prediction for how much money this product can make over time?
    • How much money are you asking the SHARKS to invest? What will you use this money for?
    • How do you plan to promote your product to others?
    • What need does it serve? What problem does it solve?
    • Who is your audience? Who will buy this product?
    • Who is going to speak? What role will each person play in your presentation?
    • What do you plan to wear for your presentation?